Clinical Care Options (CCO) inPractice, jointly sponsored by CCO and the University of South Florida (USF) Health and supported by grants from over a dozen pharmaceuticals, is a powerful online point-of-care resource for healthcare professionals looking for answers regarding HIV/AIDS or oncology.

Users enter search terms, and inPractice searches a collection of powerful resources: inPractice HIV, inPractice Oncology, Clinical Trials, Drug Information Guidelines, PubMed, and CCO CME/CE.  The two inPractice resources, in particular, are expert-authored, oft-updated, highly-regarded, comprehensive digital textbooks.

CCO and USF Health recently released CCO HIV inPractice in app format for the iPhone/iPad/Android, providing this outstanding resource in an easy-to-use format for mobile devices.

This app affords users the ability to search the following four resources simultaneously: the CCO HIV inPractice textbook, a drug database from Lexi-Comp, PubMed abstracts, and management guidelines.  We examine how the CCO HIV inPractice App for the iPhone can assist healthcare professionals as a convenient point-of-care resource to help care for patients with HIV/AIDS.


The CCO HIV inPractice App’s home screen offers quick access to the acclaimed search function, the heart of this point-of-care resource.  Alternatively, tabs across the bottom offer quick links to Home, Search, Browse, and Bookmarks.


The search function does not offer live suggestions as users type in their search terms.  Here, we search for “pneumocystis” (an opportunistic pulmonary infection often seen in patients with HIV).  The search results are arranged by type—drug information, guidelines, PubMed abstracts, etc.

The app appears to have less search functionality than the CCO inPractice website, which also includes search results for, conference data, and suggested CME for follow-up.


Here, we explore the first guideline result— the prevention of opportunistic infections in patients with HIV.


The app allows us to see these guidelines via either website (which can be opened in-app or through Safari) or on a PDF.


Choosing a drug (here, Bactrim) displays the Lexi-Comp drug monograph for that medication.  These drug monographs are somewhat difficult to navigate through compared to some of our preferred drug reference apps, but does offer the desired elements (indications, dosage, warnings, drug-drug interactions, drug-disease interactions, adverse effects, and images).


Clicking on a PubMed abstract result displays the text of the chosen abstract, but lacks a link to the full manuscript.


The Browse tab along the bottom affords users access to the entire CCO HIV inPractice digital textbook, organized by section and chapter.  The textbook is divided into the following sections:

  • Epidemiology, Testing, and Prevention
  • General Approach to the HIV-Infected Patient
  • Antiretroviral Therapy
  • Management of Specific Populations
  • Management of Specific Disease States



Here, we take a quick look at the chapter introducing antiretroviral agents.  Each chapter starts with a table of contents outlining what topics the chapter covers.


This textbook is evidence-based, often referencing clinical trials and consensus recommendations.  Moreover, the hyperlinks to medication names and references within the textbook lead to the appropriate in-app drug monographs and PubMed abstracts for quick reference/further learning.


Any chapter or result can be bookmarked for quick recall, or its link emailed for sharing information.


  • The CCO HIV inPractice App is free at the iTunes store.


  • High-quality, evidence-based, comprehensive textbook covering HIV topics with regular updates to reflect new data and recommendations
  • Users can claim CME credits by linking to the CCO inPractice website
  • Free!


  • Specialty-specific; would be exciting to see similar resources developed for other medical specialties as well!
  • The CCO inPractice website appears to have a more robust search function than the app version, also incorporating search results from, conference data, and suggested CME for follow-up


  • The Clinical Care Options (CCO) HIV inPractice App, while not as powerful as the original CCO inPractice website, represents a free and convenient point-of-care resource quite useful for healthcare professionals who participate in the care of patients with HIV.

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