Alcohol-related health problems are a major issue and cost burden for society.

In the EU alone, alcohol related deaths are estimated at 195,000 each year and as of 2003, the total tangible costs of alcohol to the EU was 125 billion Euro, or 1.3 percent of total EU GDP.

Alcosystems iBAC mobile breathalyzer is currently being used with great success and at a lower cost compared to legacy systems by addiction clinics in Europe to monitor patients adherence to their specific treatment program.

The patented iBAC device is based on existing mobile technology and provides an end-to-end solution ready to be implemented in various enterprise settings.

There are three core elements to the iBAC solution. First, users blow into the keychain size device which captures their blood alcohol level. The device then transmits this data via Bluetooth to the user’s smartphone. Finally, all the data is viewable via a web-based application accessible by patients and their caretakers, and comes with an API for customized and creative reuse of the data collected.

iBAC is currently in use by Stockholm County Council to conduct regular alcohol tests on patients undergoing a rehabilitation program and has received a ringing endorsement from the council’s leadership.

Though the company is based in Europe, it would certainly make sense for them to find an American partner so they can take advantage of the millions in grant funds available from various federal agencies for alcohol-related, addiction management technologies.