Recently, Carestream Health received FDA clearance for the use of its Vue Motion medical image viewer with mobile devices. Supported devices for this new technology include the iPad and almost all other mobile tablets with web browsers.

The image viewer enables convenient access to patient imaging data by physicians and other clinicians in virtually any location.

The viewer can be easily accessed using a web browser and information can be securely retrieved from a HIS or an EMR portal.

Carestream Health is a worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems as well as healthcare IT solutions. Their products also include molecular imaging systems for life science research and drug discovery/development and x-ray film and digital x-ray systems for non-destructive testing. Carestream has over 800 patents for medical and dental imaging and information technology.

The Vue Motion viewer can be integrated with vendors’ PACS systems, DICOM archives or XDS repositories. This enables rapid access to radiology images stored in different areas throughout a hospital’s ecosystem.

Diana Nole, President, Digital Medical Solutions, Carestream Health espouses this belief.

“Our viewer’s ability to interface with many PACS and archiving systems delivers rapid image review for clinicians and referring physicians. Convenient mobile access goes a step further and can expedite the start of patient treatment. This zero-footprint viewer also negates the cost of deploying and maintaining software across a healthcare system.”

The Vue Motion medical image viewer can also open up various file types including PDF, JPEG and AVI in addition to standard medical images. Support of this product from clients is evident, as noted by Scott Stewart, Manager of Information Services, Rochelle Community Hospital, Rochelle, Ill.

“With Vue Motion we can quickly and easily make reports, images and prior exams available to the dozens of staff physicians, referring physicians and specialists we serve. The interface is so easy to use it takes only five minutes to be proficient, and even MR and CT images load quickly. Another key advantage is that it enhances data transfer with our EMR. We are extremely satisfied with its performance.”

Source: MedicalPhysicsWeb