In an excerpt from the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, Jobs details the type of cloud service ecosystem he wanted to cultivate with the launch of iCloud.

Along with maintaining the digital hub on the cloud, he mentioned that iCloud could potentially be a place to store medical data as well (refer to screen clipping of excerpt).

There are numerous examples in the book where Jobs and his family display dismay at the fragmented health care system they encountered throughout his cancer therapy.

Analogous to the seamless digital hub strategy, Jobs probably felt the cloud could be a place that medical data could be more integrated and cohesive.

In an article I wrote about the VueMe app a few months ago, a radiology app that focuses on cloud storage, I expounded on the future of the cloud:

Clearly, cloud storage of not only radiology images, but patient records, is, and should be the future. If Mobile MIM and VueMe can continue to gain significant mind share, patient records stored in a universal cloud, and not EHR silos, should be the next logical step forward.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, book