Scosche MyTrek is a Bluetooth enabled armband and wireless pulse monitor. It is a comfortable workout tool for managing pulse, training type, calories burned and more using a complimentary iPhone/iPod app and a great example of the emerging consumer market in the new mobile paradigm  of ubiquitous computing.

I believe the “self-quantifiers” are among the least understood and under appreciated market. Courting this early adopter customer is going to be key for developers of mobile fitness and health monitoring peripheral devices.

MyTrek utilizes two LEDs combined with a photo sensor to detect minute changes in the user’s blood pressure to accurately measure pulse. A built-in accelerometer allows MyTrek to adjust for movement during exercise from the user’s heartbeat allowing for an extremely accurate measurement of pulse and calories burned.

The device uses a lithium ion battery, which provides five hours of continuous workout time before the MyTrek needs to be charged with the included USB cable.

Users can set goals and monitor their track record passively and receive alerts either congratulating or following through and achieving those goals. The device also includes a motivational voice which guides you through your workout and helps keep you in your training zone.

Another cool feature that should help the MyTrek device gain traction is the incorporation of buttons on the device which allow users to control the music while they workout without having to pull out the device itself.





The device itself costs $129.99 online at or at participating Apple retail stores, 24-hour Fitness gyms, Target and Verizon Wireless stores. You can download the complimentary iPhone app for free at the App Store.

Other devices competing with the MyTrek for the consumer fitness wireless pulse monitoring space include Body Media, and Zephyr Technologies.

See a promotional video for the MyTrek device below.