Scanadu is an innovative startup with a bold vision.

Founded in January 2011 by a team of entrepreneurs, the company is developing a portable medical device that has the ability to take your temperature, read your vitals, and even automatically diagnose common health conditions.

The device they are creating is called a Medical Tricorder, something that has been popularized by science fiction. One of the founders of Scanadu, Walter de Brouwer, is a high profile Belgian entrepreneur who envisioned the idea from watching Star Trek.

“Sci-fi stories are business plans in disguise, I’ve tried to build the Tricorder once before, in 1999 at Starlab, but the technology was too immature.”

Technology has dramatically changed since then, and his idea was reignited in 2006 after his son was in a serious accident and hospitalized for 3 months. Scanadu’s first product, the ‘Medical Tricorder’, is built specifically with parents with kids in mind.  One of the goals of the device is to reduce expensive trips to hospitals based on anxiety and/or insufficient information.

The video below is the best way to understand what the concept is:

Scanadu has recently raised $2 million from a network of global angel investors, including Playfish co-founder Sebastien De Halleux. This money will be used to create the Medical Tricorder. Scanadu is currently moving the main team from Belgium to the San Francisco Bay Area (the lab is being established at NASA’s Research Park). The aim is to have a commercially viable product within the next 3 to 5 years.

“The company is building a core team of biomedical engineers, software and hardware developers, and AI specialists. They also have a Medical Advisory Board that includes Stanford-affiliated Dr. Daniel Kraft and Dr. Jordan Shlain, founder of Healthloop and Current Health.”

Source: Techcrunch