Rock Health, the San Francisco based seed incubator for health start-ups, has curated a great list of digital health startups in various vertical markets as well as a database of digital health start-ups who have raised capital in 2011. It is but by no means a comprehensive list so I thought I would re-post it here on iMedicalApps to solicit suggestions from our readers on what app developers and device makers should be considered for inclusion in the list.

We encourage reader feedback on what app developers and device makers have overlooked and should be considered for inclusion in the list. Please add your suggestions in the comments and enjoy exploring the best of the best in digital health.

Digital Health Start-up List

Quantify yourself:

  • Azumio develops mobile apps for testing stress and your heart rate. Raised $2.5M (7/27/11)
  • CareLogger helps people with diabetes measure and track their glucose levels, blood pressure, meals and weight
  • Genomera is enabling crowd-sourced open health studies
  • HealthTap‘s advanced algorithms personalize your health experience, bringing you expert knowledge and community insights. Raised 2.35M (3/23/11)
  • InsideTracker measures vitamins and nutrients in blood and provides recommendations to optimize health and athletic performance
  • Massive Health aims to help people gain control of their weight. Raised $2.25M (2/3/11)
  • Scanadu is creating a commercially-viable medical tricorder. Raised $2M (11/11)

The new EMR:

Life is not complete without your PHR:

  • Avado enables a health-driven partnership between an individual and their health & wellness providers
  • ExtendMD enables patients with chronic conditions to compile and share their health information with their providers
  • SimplifyMD. Raised $4.3M (11/14/11)

Diagnose or treat it:

  • Cellscope created a medical microscpe from your cell phone to your doctor
  • DoseSpot is an e-prescribing platform
  • medivo offers fast and convenient access to lab testing
  • Zipnosis allows you to get diagnosed and treated for minor health problems using a computer or smartphone.
  • ScriptPad is a digital prescription pad for iPhone and iPad.

Mental Health:

  • AbilTo helps individuals manage life transitions
  • Breakthrough connects patients and counselors for private, online therapy
  • BrainBot helps you monitor and learn from your brain activity with state-of-the-art EEG brain state detection technology
  • Empower Interactive hosts online tools for managing depression and anxiety
  • Lumosity helps you exercise your brain!

Get in shape:

  • Blisslogik helps you create workout routines
  • Fitbit’s Tracker automatically tracks data about fitness activities, such as calories burned, sleep quality, steps and distance
  • Dailyburn provides  fitness plans, nutritional tracking,and social motivation to help you reach your fitness goals
  • The Digifit™ Ecosystem helps you track your cardio exercising
  • Everyday Better provides expert instructional exercise videos and short intense workouts with workout plans
  • EveryMove helps you track your activities
  • Fitnio uses GPS to track your walk, jog or run and supplies you useful fitness-related data about the workout.
  • GAIN Fitness’s web and mobile applications generate personalized training plans
  • Join Sessions is a platform for meeting new people and getting fitter through exercise
  • getupp is a location-based commitment service
  • Skimble provides a cross-platform ecosystem of fun, dynamic and social fitness/ coaching applications
  • SportyPal helps you improve your running or cycling performance using your gps enabled mobile phone
  • Striiv keychain-based body area network aiming to make personal fitness rewarding.Raised $6M (9/11)

Food & nutrition:

  • Eatucate is a social and educational food community site that enables people to shop, cook, and eat healthy
  • DesignMyMeals
  • FoodSpotting lets you tag and track dishes
  • Ideal Mealz is a subscription recipe service that enables you to prepare chef quality, healthy, home-made meals
  • Zeer provides consumer grocery information

Got health questions? They have answers:

Find a doctor, book a doctor, rate a doctor:

Paying the bills / cost transparency:

  • Bloom Health helps employers control their health care spending & helps employees spend their benefit dollars wisely
  • Cake Health is a central place for all your healthcare plans online
  • Castlight Health enables employers  lower the costs & provides individuals with unbiased pricing and quality information
  • Change:Healthcare helps you analyze claims data
  • Kareo provides physicians a cloud-based online billing system Raised $10M (10/17/11)
  • My Health and Money makes shopping for health care easier by centralizing financial information
  • My Healthon offers coupons and discounts
  • Simplee helps with tracking medical expenses & managing health care costs Raised $1.8M (4/11)
  • Zepherella offers convenient electronic patient billing

Modernizing the clinical trial:

  • GoBaltois creating easy to use web products for clinical research. Raised $5M (10/17/2011)
  • TrialX enables patients to find and learn about clinical trials that match their health conditions
  • TrialReach is a search engine for clinical trials

In the cloud:

  • Cloud Prime provides secure application to application messaging for healthcare
  • eHealthMe is a cloud computing service to study large-scale real world drug outcomes
  • Explorys provides a cloud-computing platform specialized for the healthcare industry. Raised $11.5M (5/10/11)
  • HealthHiway focuses on facilitating better interaction within the healthcare ecosystem
  • Humedica provides SaaS-based clinical business intelligence solutions for connecting patient information. Raised $20M (4/12/11)

For children and their neurotic parents:

  • alt12 apps‘s Baby Bump keeps soon-to-be parents informed about their pregnancy progress and enables tracking and sharing the experience with friends/family and an online community of moms
  • Baby2.0 is a fun way to keep track of your baby-related activities
  • Evoz allows for remote baby monitoring
  • MotherKnows collects and securely displays important childhood health data including immunizations and growth charts. Raised $3.3M (7/1/11)
  • WeSprout combines your child’s medical data with targeted Q&A and charts

For the older crowd:

  • eCareDiary is designed to make coordination of care easy amongst family members and other caregivers
  • getminders helps individuals manage and improve their day-to-day health
  • Gilbert Guide is a comprehensive senior housing guide and homecare directory for aging parent

For the ladies:

  • alt12 apps‘s pink pad is a health and lifestyle tracker with an  integrated online community to connect women
  • ChickRx provides expert health information for women
  • EmpowHER provides  women’s health and wellness content libraries and an online community for discussing health/wellness issues

Making health a game:

  • helps you keep track of changes in your health. Raised $1.2M (11/1/11)
  • HealthyWage implements health challenges to allow corporations to reward health and weight loss
  • Health Month is a social game around improving health habits
  • Keas helps employees stay healthy with their games
  • LifeKraze is an online community where people encourage each other to be active offline
  • Mindbloom is an online game and goal tracking system to improve quality of life
  • is a weight loss community that pits members against, friends, family and colleagues in weight loss challenges

Making health social:

  • Caring Bridge enables patients to create personalized sites to share their health experiences
  • Crohnology is  patient-to-patient information sharing platform for crohn’s and colitis patients
  • Cure Together offers treatment ratings and reviews for over 589 conditions and tools to help you track and manage your health
  • PatientsLikeMe helps you find and connect with people who have similar conditions
  • RealSelf is a network for sharing experiences About cosmetic surgery
  • RNRounds is an online network for nurses
  • SoberCircle is an online community for recovering alcoholics and addicts
  • WeAre.Us is a social network dedicated to patients, family, friends, and caregivers of those coping with chronic illnesses
  • WebTribes is a social networking for people facing addictions, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, & HIV
  • What’s Going Around allows users to connect over location/symptoms to help each other identify and treat illnesses that are “Going Around”

Tools for med professionals:

  • Ability Network is a secure web-based healthcare network for connecting providers and hospitals to improve patient care. Raised $27M (5/1/11)
  • Assure Rx helps clinicians find the right drugs for their patients. Raised $19M (3/1/11)
  • Axial Exchange‘s communication platform and clinical dashboard helps synthesize and deliver data where and when you need it. Raised $1.5M (2/11/11)
  • CipherHealth helps doctors follow up with their patients
  • Corepoint Healthspecializes in healthcare systems integration and optimizing healthcare operations through software, consulting and HL7 training courses
  • CoverMyMeds helps physicians and pharmacists complete prior authorization and insurance coverage determination forms
  • Digital Assent simplifies the gathering of patient information with the PatientPad. Raised $7.5M (6/24/11)
  • Doximity is a communication platform and professional network for physicians. Raised $10.8M (3/10/11)
  • Duet Health enables engaged doctor/patient communication
  • Epocrates enables healthcare professionals to find answers more quickly and confidently
  • Kyruus’s p3 platform enables information exchange. Raised $5.5M (5/31/11)
  • MobileMD offers four dimensional health information exchange – care, service, economics, and technology – providing physicians with real-time clinical/administrative information
  • Nephosity is building MobileCT, an app for doctors and patients to view and share their medical images on their iPad.
  • NudgeRx focuses on post-discharge follow-up care and improving patient adherence to discharge plans
  • Personalized Medicine enables docs to add a service line strategy of house calls to their existing office practice
  • QuantiaMD is an online physician-to-physician learning collaborative
  • RefillWizard allows prescribers to manage prescription refill requests for their practice
  • Sermo is a social network for physicians. Raised $3.5M (2/11/11)
  • Voalte combines voice, alarms, and text for facilitation communication between care providers

Gadgets & Sensors:

  • Affectiva uses wearable sensors to monitor patient emotion. Raised $5.3M (7/11)
  • AgaMatrix created the first Apple-approved blood glucose meter that connects to the iPhone in real time
  • AliveCor is building a clinical-quality electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder. Raised $3M (8/11)
  • BAM Labs created the Biometric Sensor for detecting heart rate, breathing rate, etc. while you’re asleep. Raised $2.4M (3/1/11)
  • Basis created the Basis Band, a wearable wrist health and heart rate monitor that collects data calories burned and sleep patterns. Raised $9M (3/1/11)
  • BodyMedia’s arm band collects real-time info on calorie burn & workout data
  • Cognionics has developed a  non-contact sensor that enables the acquisition of clinical quality cardiac (ECG) and brain (EEG)
  • ConnectedHealth develops health monitoring devices for remote health management
  • Coreventis‘ adhesive skin sensor+mobile transmitter diagnose and treat cardiac arrhythmias
  • Echo Therapeutics is creating a non-invasive, wireless glucose monitoring  system
  • Exergen is creating Temporal Artery Thermometers
  • GreenGoose uses tiny sensors and accelerometers to track everyday behavior and record it online. Raised $500K (3/11)
  • HealthPal uses bluetooth and M2M cellular technology to collect and transmit health readings from medical monitors to a user’s EHR
  • Huneo develops a series small wireless sensor units which collect and transmit biophysical data
  • Jan Medical has developed the world’s first mobile acute stroke analysis system. Raised $3.15M (6/17/11)
  • JawBone developed a motion-recording wristband
  • Lark is a silent un-alarm clock and sleep sensor for your iPhone/iPad
  • LENA is a digital language processor
  • MC10 developed wearable, temporary tattoos that detect vitals. Raised $12.5M (6/11) and $2.5M (8/11)
  • MyTrek is a wireless pulse monitor
  • Proteus Biomedical developed an ingestible event marker that helps track and monitor medication adherence
  • Sensimed Triggerfish‘s contact lens is a simple solution to continuously monitor fluctuations of intraocular pressure
  • Sotera Wireless develops ambulatory body area network technology for comprehensive physiological monitoring. Raised $7M (7/11)
  • Vitality’s GlowCaps improve medication adherence through reminders, social feedback
  • Withings creates connected devices that improve health, fitness and well-being.
  • Zeo developed a headband + bedside analytic tool for improving quality of sleep
  • Zamzee is a movement based incentive program powered by your real world activity

Medical Imaging

  • MIM Cloud allows users to connect directly to their medical images via iPhone or iPad

Please make suggestions for who is missing in the comments.