Anatomy applications come in all different shapes and sizes. From flashcard based anatomy atlases to clinically orientated video lectures.

Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D developed by Real Bodywork strikes a happy medium combining a range of useful features into a cheap anatomy application.

The core 3D model has a unique system for exposing the different layers of muscle within the human body. Rotating the model in one direction will slowly remove superficial layers exposing deeper muscles until the skeleton is reached.


Each time the model is viewed from the front or back, a large number of labels appear highlighting each muscle within that particular layer. If one of these labels is touched, then further information regarding that muscle/bone is presented on the side.

This information includes standard anatomical information such as Action, Innervation, Origin and Insertion.


There is also a larger image of the particular muscle and an audio feature which will pronounce the name of the muscle. The search function can be used to quickly search all the muscles contained within the app.


Another fantastic feature is the ‘Actions’ tab. Clicking this leads to a section detailing the anatomical movements of the body. Clicking on a particular articular joint leads to a sub-table of options such as flexion/extension.


Once a movement has been selected, there is a short video of the 3D model demonstrating the movement whilst on the right hand side it is possible to scroll up and down to see all the muscles which are involved in the movement. Furthermore, clicking on one of these muscles brings up the anatomical information related to that particular muscle (See screenshot).

The addition of labeled interactive 3D models help with learning the complex areas of anatomy such as the foot, hand or pelvis. The use of the rotating model to add or remove layers is again implemented here and it should be noted that the quality of the 3D models is good.


The quiz function tests the user on their anatomical understanding and comes complete with the ability to track high scores and email results to track previous performances. The actual quiz uses a variation of the drag and drop style interface where users drag the correct answer to the correct label and a more standard multiple choice option. The wide range of quizzes available are excellent for testing and consolidating understanding.


There is also a series of narrated short videos covering basic anatomical knowledge of each area. These are short (approx. 5-8 mins) and help gain a general overview of that particular region.



  • $6.99


  • Impressive diagrams containing essential gross musculoskeletal anatomy information
  • Range of embedded media such as audio pronunciations, movement videos
  • Interactive quiz function to consolidate learning

Dislikes/Future updates I’d like to see:

  • Lack of detailed clinical correlations with respect to musculoskeletal injuries

Overall Rating:

  • This app is an ideal introduction to gross anatomy for medical students at the beginning of their course
  • The basic level of detail is appropriate for first years and learning is complemented with media such as audio pronunciations and videos
  • The cheap price and impressive, attractive user interface mean that students looking for an introduction to musculoskeletal anatomy need look no further

iTunes link: Muscle & Bone Anatomy 3D