Jawbone, a company that is better known for making Bluetooth headsets and Jamboxes, recently entered the health and fitness app market with the release of their Jawbone Up wristband and iPhone app.

The Jawbone UP combines a $100 advanced wristband that you can wear all day with a free iPhone app that allows you to track your walking, running, sleep, and diet all from the same device.

Now, the device software is also slated to make an appearance in the Android Market, evidenced by a quote given to T3 magazine.

“We are definitely looking into bringing Jawbone UP and the UP app to Android,” said Bandar Antabi, Jawbone’s Vice President and Head of Special Projects in an exclusive interview with T3. “We want to make this happen as soon as possible. As soon as we can get it out we will have it out, Android is definitely something that is on our radar.”

Options are also being looked at by Antabi for iPad integration.

“We are looking at a web platform application as well as pursuing a dedicated iPad app. Our goal is to get this onto all of the most used smartphone operating systems in the future.”

The product tracks your movement using the same MotionX technology found in popular Nike+ shoes and tracking software.

“It can track your steps, for everyday walking, or it can watch your route via GPS if you’re a runner. The app will tell you your steps, distance, calories, pace, and intensity level among other information. During the day, you can set the wristband to vibrate on your wrist to give you a reminder to move around if you’ve been inactive for too long.”

Additionally, the Jawbone UP includes a comprehensive sleep tracking component.

“Putting the wristband in Sleep Mode will automatically track the hours you slept, what stages you were in, what time you were awake, and it’ll score your overall sleep quality. Like the iPhone sleep apps, Up will wake you up when it thinks the time is best, but it cleverly uses the vibration feature from before to wake you up quietly.”

One of the more novel features of the device is the ability to detect when you have not moved enough. According to the website, you can program your UP wristband to vibrate on your wrist to remind you to move when you’ve been inactive for too long. You are in control of the interval and time frame.

It even includes  a photo journal feature to track what you eat. By using the iPhone’s camera, users are able to take pictures of what they eat in order to get a more realistic picture of what they are consuming.

Some interesting specifications for the device include:

  • Integrated rechargeable battery for up to 10 days of usage
  • Vibration motor that powers the alarm
  • Precision motion sensor that tracks movement and sleep activity
  • 3.5mm plug used to connect to your iOS device and charge up the UP band

A promotional video from the company gives a more robust picture of the device’s functionality.

The Jawbone UP wristband can be purchased from the company’s product webpage as well as through certain retailers such as Best Buy, Target and various Apple retail stores. The free iPhone app can be found in iTunes.

Sources T3.com and Geek.com