Recently, Everist Genomics, a company that produces diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic technologies for physicians, announced plans to commercialize a mobile version of  its CardioDefender ECG diagnostic system.

CardioDefender is a FDA-approved and CE mark registered smartphone ECG system that provides hospital-quality heart rhythm monitoring via a smartphone.

The imedicalapps team has previously reviewed apps that are useful for reading and interpreting ECGs, but this device is the first that gives real-time feedback.  ECGs can detect various heart problems, such as heart attacks, arrhythmias, and heart failure. CardioDefender takes this necessary functionality and combines it with the convenience of a smartphone.

A heart arrhythmia is an irregular or abnormal heartbeat that occurs when the electrical impulses fail to stimulate the heart correctly. This can cause the heart to beat fast, slow or in an irregular pattern.

“CardioDefender is the first system to deliver mobile, real-time, beat-by-beat, and quantitative heart monitoring and automated reporting by combining patented analytical smartphone software with a Bluetooth device and electrodes. The electrodes, which are attached to the patient’s skin, transmit heart rhythm data to the Bluetooth device, which then transmits the data to the smartphone. The smartphone software analyzes the heart rhythm data, and the data is sent to a cardiac monitoring center which keeps an encrypted record of the data that can be reviewed by physicians.”

Additionally, arrhythmia alerts can be sent to a physician’s tablet, smartphone or computer, and in the event of a significant arrhythmia, an automatic alert can be sent to a physician as the event is occurring.

Prasad Sunkara, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Everist Genomics concurs.

“Until now, heart rhythm monitoring for arrhythmia events has been limited by technologies that lack the level of sophistication needed to provide practical and useful monitoring for a mobile population. CardioDefender enables, for the first time, smartphone-based hospital-quality ECG monitoring of patients 24 hours per day, seven days per week.”

The commercial version of CardioDefender has already been deployed in 15o medical facilities across the US.

“The commercial evaluation of CardioDefender has been a big success as the system has already been widely adopted and used to provide heart rhythm monitoring for thousands of patients,” Sunkara said. “This further demonstrates the growing consensus among the medical community that it is time for a better approach to managing heart arrhythmia. By empowering physicians with the first mobile system to deliver real-time, beat-by-beat, quantitative monitoring and automated reporting, we are bringing the better approach to fruition.”

Source: Press Release