AT&T and Calgary Scientific have recently teamed up to offer ResolutionMD, a FDA approved mobile diagnostic viewer, as part of AT&T’s broader medical imaging and information management solution.

ResolutionMD is a secure, cloud-based app that displays medical images on a provider’s tablet or smartphone.

One of our editors recently commented on a radiology study that used ResolutionMD in order to test bandwidth speed in diagnostic imaging (3G speeds proved troublesome for mobile diagnostic imaging).

This technology  integrates into existing PACS, RIS or EMR infrastructure and allows doctors the ability to view images without being tied to a workstation. AT&T plans to make ResolutionMD available to its AT&T Medical Imaging and Information Management customers in the first half of 2012.

The technology is meant to help providers store, access, view and share patient medical images and information inside hospital systems and outside with referring physicians and other authorized facilities over a highly-secure infrastructure.

Calgary Scientific is a small company that aims to be the leader in providing accessible, advanced visualization solutions in the medical imaging market, as well as becoming the industry forerunner in web and mobility enablement technologies.

Its products include PureWeb, a Software Developer Kit (SDK) that allows systems integrators, corporate, OEM and independent software developers to web-enable and mobilize their data-intensive, security-sensitive apps. Calgary Scientific also has various iterations of ResolutionMD, including ResolutionMD Mobile, ResolutionMD Web and Resolution MD Clinical.

A demonstration of what ResolutionMD can do is seen below.

Randy Rountree, executive vice president of Global Sales & Marketing for Calgary Scientific, commented on the alliance.

“Demand for access to current and prior patient images along with radiology reports is growing at a very high rate.This requirement for image information is seen across the healthcare enterprise, in remote locations and must be available to clinicians 24 hours a day. Our work with AT&T ensures that this vital information is always accessible in a highly-secure manner and includes many of the diagnostic analysis tools needed by physicians to assess and rapidly diagnose a patient’s condition.”

Additionally, the article notes that AT&T plans to make ResolutionMD available as an option to its AT&T Medical Imaging and Information Management vendor-neutral cloud-based service. This will provide secure access to viewing, storage and sharing of medical images from PACS on an as needed, pay-as-you-go model for image storage.

Source: Press Release