Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. (ABM), was founded in January 1997 to create low cost, easy-to-use, portable systems to monitor and interpret physiological signals indicating brain activity which have been FDA approved since 2005.

B-Alert X10 EEG headset is minimally intrusive and can be setup in less than five minutes and enables wireless acquisition of 9-channels of high fidelity EEG plus ECG, head movement and position. The device uses patented real-time artifact decontamination and classifications for engagement, confusion/distraction, drowsiness, workload and stress.

ABM’s products can be used individually or synergistically combined to diagnose or treat chronic diseases, monitor cognition, and assess neuro-cognitive function. The products combine laboratory level accuracy with the portability, ease of use and low cost of consumer electronics.

B-Alert X4 is a flexible hardware platform primarily for use in sleep studies multiple applications and collects multiple physiological and context-specific data including EEG, ECG, snoring, head position, and pulse rate.


Data quality monitoring and feedback simplifies acquisition for non-technical personnel as automated detection of cognitive states can be applied in a closed loop with haptic feedback to alert users of potential changes that demand their immediate attention. The system also uses a low-profile soft sensor design, which facilitates use during sleep or integration with helmets and other headgear.

B-Alert X24 twenty channels of wireless EEG acquisition with ambulatory real-time monitoring up to 10 meters; four programmable gain channels for ECG, EOG, EMG or respiration; on-board accelerator quantifies head movement and position; comfortable, non-intrusive design weighs less than four ounces; less than 5 minutes setup time with innovative, disposable sensors; integrated wireless design limits noise and movement of artifact.


ABM’s corporate research partnerships include Honeywell and Lockheed Martin. ABM is a fully bootstrapped start-up, funded exclusively by a series of SBIR awards from the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Association (DARPA) and other federal grants totalling approximately $9M.

The company has explicitly avoided the venture capital markets despite a mounting collection of patents and multiple FDA approved devices. ABM is focused squarely on delivering quality products to their customers in the US market for at-home sleep studies and physiological monitoring of troops in a warfare scenario.

Despite ABM’s truly innovative approach to the EEG market, the technology is cumbersome and much more invasive than competing technology offered by BioSignal Group. The hardware does not have a complimentary mobile application, and does not enable real-time monitoring of patients.

ABM’s technology has been used to evaluate patients with sleep or neurological disorders or healthy individuals who may be affected by lifestyle, workplace, or environmental factors. To their credit, ABM has also seen modest success earning reimbursement from payer groups.