3D4Medical.com has recently released a number of their celebrated NOVA series apps in the Mac App Store. This is the first time, though, that we have seen a major iOS medical app developer port a successful iOS app onto the Mac platform.

We have talked before about the issues facing the Mac App store and its implications on physicians  and it is exciting and interesting to see the use of this new platform by an established developer.

The content of the app is identical to the iPad version reviewed here and contains useful anatomical information such as origin, insertion, innervation etc. This app also contains the same interactive features such as 360 degree rotation, pins and layers and quiz functionality.

Interestingly, the developers note:

“It is a completely new app, every detail has been re-designed from the photo-realistic 3D model to the quick navigation”

There are obviously a number of implications for physicians, medical educators and students everywhere who now have an additional tool which they can use to help teach/learn anatomy.

The ability to use a larger screen will certainly help develop understanding which in turn will make anatomy more productive and enjoyable. It will be interesting to see how this app copes making the transition from a touch based input to a mouse input.

The apps now available are:

  1. Muscle System Pro II
  2. Brain Pro
  3. Heart Pro
  4. Skeletal System Pro

A promotional video can be seen below.

We will keep you abreast of further additions to the Mac App Store.