One in five US adults gets less than six hours of sleep per night, way short of the recommended range of seven to nine hours.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, Americans spend more than $20B on everything from sleeping pills and herbal remedies to specialty pillows and mattresses designed to help them sleep better.

Zeo, Inc. was originally started by a group of sleep deprived students at Brown University who were looking for strategies to fight grogginess and perform at a higher level during the day. They learned that the stage of sleep from which a person awakens has huge influence on how that person feels in the morning. So they developed a comfortable way to track sleep and help people wake up “on the right side of the bed”.

The Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile is not targeted at users with medically diagnosed sleep disorders, but instead is focused on the millions of individuals who do not get ample sleep due to high levels of stress, poor diet, or sundry other reasons.

Zeo co-founder Ben Rubin told Xconomy Boston:

“The phone is going to remain at the center of your health and wellness life,” said Rubin. “ We’re going to do sleep really well, and be the experts in sleep.”

The Zeo Personal Sleep Coach launched in June 2009 and required users to use an SD card and then manually upload the data to a web-based data portal. Just over two years later and the company is bringing our a lightweight, low-cost, well designed version of their product which runs entirely through a user’s Smartphone, Zeo Sleep Manager Mobile


The original Zeo sleep management system sold for $399, went down to $199, and will drop again to $149 once the mobile version of the product comes out. The company plans to further monetize the mobile product by offering users deals on mattresses and other products that can help them sleep better, with the company taking a cut each time a user takes action on one of these offers. “Instead of trying to make money on hardware all the time, we’re moving into the world of what else we can do for you to help you manage your sleep,” said  Rubin.

The device is currently available for pre-order at for $99. In late October, it will be available at Best Buy , expanding the company distribution to a brick and mortar channel.