Rock Health (@Rock_Health) has opened applications for a second class of companies to join its San Francisco-based incubator. The program begins in the middle of January and concludes with demo day in the middle of June. Selected applicants will each receive:

  • $20K startup grant
  • Expert medical support from Mayo Clinic, Harvard, UCSF and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Mentorship and weekly workshops from experts in design, health policy, lean startup methodology, financing, etc…
  • Office space in San Francisco
  • Office hours with startup counsel
  • Design workshop with Cooper Design
  • Support from in-house staff

Rock Health is the brainchild of Halle Tecco, who following her first year at Harvard Business School, got an internship at Apple in Cupertino, CA evaluating mobile apps for the health and medical category of the iTunes App Store. “I was on the phone all day with big hospitals and healthcare organizations who didn’t put the love into their apps,” she told Xconomy San Francisco in an impressive profile of the new digital incubator. “They were building things with a check-box strategy, and in my opinion they didn’t have much creativity or innovation”.


Tecco founded Rock Health as a non-profit incubator exclusively tailored to startups working on web- and mobile-based healthcare technologies, and has brought on board major partners including the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Microsoft, and Qualcomm. She launched the project at SXSW just this past March and already has nearly one full session in the bag and another on the doorstep – quite an impressive 2011 for Ms. Tecco and her team.

More than 350 companies submitted applications for the inaugural Rock Health class this past June, of which the following were selected:

  • Pipette: Smartphone and tablet apps that give doctors easy-to-read reports on their patients’ health progress, featuring automatic identification of critical patterns and outliers.
  • WeSprout: An online community designed to help parents find resources for decision making about their children’s healthcare.
  • Skimble: Healthcare fitness apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, including two successful titles, Workout Trainer and GPS Sports Tracker.
  • Omada Health: An Ideo spinoff using social networking principles to aid patients at risk for developing diabetes through sharing of data from connected-health devices.
  • Health In Reach: A transparent marketplace where patients without employer-sponsored healthcare plans can evaluate doctors and dentists based on their experience, reputation, and prices, and obtain group discount rates.
  • Genomera: Crowdsourcing platform for consumer-managed open health studies.
  • CellScope: Smartphone camera attachments for at-home diagnosis of ear infections in children.
  • BrainBot: Brain monitoring technology for individuals, designed to help with stress management, meditation, or attention problems.

Applicants can fill out the impressively simple application form on the Rock Health website which are due by November 14th. Also, check out the incubator’s blog to find a complete guide for potential applicants.