The App

Upon opening the app the first time, the user is presented with a series of calibration questions that help to tailor the regimen and recommendations.

There is also the ability to recalibrate the app for a different insulin regimen in the future.


After the calibrations, the home screen is clean and simple. To record and view blood sugar profiles, peruse the calendar.


The functionality of the app is simple enough. The app can be the replacement for a physical blood glucose diary. Throughout the day, the user can record their blood sugars in the app. The timings that are available are related to meals: prior to eating, 2 hours after the meal, and early morning sugars. The app reminds those who use insulin the times to inject their doses, and calculates and adjusts insulin doses for optimizing blood glucoses.

However, what is unclear through the trial is what was included in the “Advice” category and whether entering values on different iOS devices would sync the results together. Along the same lines, the color-coding of the values does not seem to add much usefulness. There also does not seem to be any ability to link or email the results, which could help patients and physicians further monitor their sugars.

Overall, its clear that the app is of sufficient quality to be downloaded and used by a patient with diabetes – its simple and fairly well designed. That is even more reason why the concerns we raise in the first section are particularly pressing.


  • $1.99 from the AppStore


  • Clean format
  • Created for patient’s use
  • Linked with updated references


  • Lack of explanation for some odd features
  • Lack of ability to link to email, and unknown sync ability


  • A simply priced app for diabetic patients that would best be used as a personal diary for recording blood glucose, though there are plenty of equally good free options available. Given the lack of safety controls, supporting data regarding its insulin management function, and (at best) hazy origins, it should not be used by any patient to calculate insulin doses