Recently, HealthSaaS, a champion of the Health 2.0 movement, and Happtique, Inc., a developer of mobile app stores for hospitals and other healthcare organizations, announced they were forming an alliance.

These two companies are coming together to create a custom app catalog of mobile health applications that will be used in hospital and physican practice settings.

These apps will facilitate a secure connection for patients through their mobile phones and tablet devices.  The technology will link patients to their respective healthcare organizations and even to their personal physicians via a secure network and infrastructure.

HealthSaas is a company that provides cloud based solutions for the healthcare industry.  They have been developing patient and clinician integrated solutions for over fifteen years.

HealthSaaS is currently building web-based disease and condition specific Personal Health Application (PHA) solutions including PainPHA, DiabetesPHA, and SportsmedPHA. Each PHA has its own unique attributes as every condition or disease has specific elements that need to be tracked and managed.

Happtique develops mobile app stores that are created by medical professionals for healthcare professionals. The company uses a healthcare app (hApp) indexing method designed to be intuitive to industry professionals. Happtique also offers hospitals, continuing care facilities, and physician practices the ability to create individually branded and secure substores that support employee and patient mobile technology use.

The new connected health app catalog will offer a suite of mobile apps for both patients and physicians. It will allow patients to perform remote (mobile) self-monitoring of their health.

“The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Framework will capture physician-requested data collected by patients on their mobile devices onto a secured, white-labeled provider portal and optionally into backend Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs). This platform-agnostic solution will bring patient data into the heart of clinical practice information flow where it can have a profound and positive impact on outcomes. HealthSaaS will provide the custom connected apps while Happtique will provide the means for healthcare providers to manage and control the deployment of the apps to their patients.”

Because healthcare organizations are trying to provide higher standards of care, the companies believe that a new paradigm can be established that is based on the sharing of information in a technology-enabling framework. In this case, it will manifest itself through the creation of the app catalog that patients and providers will both interact with.

According to the HealthSaaS website, interoperable information systems are the best way to improve patient outcomes and lowers costs.

“The HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Framework is a portal solution which offers interoperability with many kinds of products. This framework can aggregate disparate data from many sources including mHealth applications, cloud based services, Telehealth solutions and connected medical devices. The framework removes silo barriers and makes data available to clinician practices, provider networks, payors, self funded employers and EHRs. We also offer a graphical reporting engine which will soon be linked to a robust business intelligence service which can assist in tracking outcomes and help providers meet the challenges that are ahead with performance based reimbursement models.”

Frank Ille, CEO, of HealthSaaS commented on the alliance.

“We are excited to announce this innovative alliance with Happtique because of the impact that it can make on our healthcare system. By using our HealthSaaS Connected Outcomes Framework, it is easy to pass patient collected data to any EHR system. Its use enables clinicians to be more proactive in the monitoring of treatment regimens while improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.”

Corey Ackerman, President of Happtique, also expressed his excitement.

“We are thrilled to be working with HealthSaaS to offer custom, connected mobile applications to our healthcare enterprise customers. Solutions like these represent the holy grail of health apps, and Happtique is excited to help providers manage their deployment.”

Source: Press Release