Baylor Healthcare System recently became one of the first hospitals in Texas to deploy a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for caregivers to use.

They chose AT&T’s Healthcare Community Online (HCO) portal as the primary vendor for this service, which is the name of the HIE they use.

For those unfamiliar to what an HIE is, basically, it is a cloud-based platform that conveniently integrates patient records and data from multiple sources into a single patient view, making it easy to access patient information and eHealth applications. This data is securely accessible in real-time for physicians across multiple connected hospitals.

In some states, organizations have been created that provide technology, governance and support for HIE initiatives.

In this case, Baylor is integrating the HCO for more than 4,000 physicians as part of the medical staff at Baylor facilities to exchange patient information and share applications in a highly- secure manner.

The imedicalapps team has previously reported on Health Information Exchanges as relates to Verizon. This recent launch by Baylor highlights an important trend in the healthcare arena that impacts how data is accessed currently and how it will be retrieved in the future.

” ‘When patients go to different Baylor locations, they expect us to know them and recognize their information. Physicians need the right information at the right time not only in their offices and facilities, but also from home or in the car,’ said David Muntz, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Baylor Health Care System.”

Baylor’s network has more than 250 access points including 26 hospitals, 23 joint ventured ambulatory surgical centers, 50 satellite outpatient locations, four senior centers and 156 HealthTexas Provider Network physician clinics. In fiscal year 2010, they recorded 2.6 million patient encounters.

“Baylor is focused on honoring the sacred trust between a doctor and patient, and our networks are designed to share and protect critical information,” said Xavier Williams, Senior Vice President, Public Sector and Healthcare at AT&T.”

Baylor physicians who access the HCO will be able to:

  • Exchange information such as patient profiles, medical history and prescriptions
  • Improve workflow efficiency and streamline processes associated with physician orders and referrals, lab orders and results, medications and discharge planning
  • Locate millions of patient records
  • Analyze patient information and help bring evidence-based information to the point of care
  • Integrate with existing practice management systems in their offices
  • Send clinical messages among healthcare providers
  • Access 58 important applications such as dictation, claims and eligibility

Additionally, AT&T will work with Baylor to create a marketing campaign to promote the adoption of the HIE solution by physicians.

Source: Press Release