There are many different learning styles when it comes to anatomy on the iPad. Some read books while others watch audiovisual lectures and yet another group of learners prefers to use flash cards.

Borm Bruckmeier Publishing is probably the leading medical flash card app developer having been featured on iMedicalApps a number of times. Anatomy i-Pocket is targeted at a range of healthcare professionals and designed as an aide memoir.

The table of contents covers the major regions of gross anatomy (see screenshot) which can be expanded for a range of more detailed choices.

The range of anatomy covered is good and while this will not replace an anatomy atlas or a surgical manual, it is useful for a physician to quickly check and recap key anatomical landmarks.

There is minimal clinical correlations included with the anatomy.


It is easy to transfer between different subsections using the arrows at the top of each page although this could be improved with the addition of swipe gestures. The search function is particularly helpful when trying to find a particular region/anatomical location.


The success of any visual anatomy application is inherently linked to the quality of its diagrams and Anatomy i-Pocket does not disappoint. There are 258 annotated hand drawings covering the wide range of gross anatomy.

The anatomical drawings themselves are very good and the use of arrows clearly indicate the relevant anatomical structures. Some users may find the lack of colour impacts their understanding and this would certainly be an improvement.

In addition, the user interface could be improved with pinch-to-zoom in order to examine the finer detail of the drawings. Despite this, it was still possible to see and understand key anatomical concepts.


This application is certainly best used as a gross anatomy refresher rather than the first port of call when looking to study anatomy. The lack of quiz function or ability to hide the labels mean that Anatomy i-Pocket may not be the first choice for students looking for an anatomy learning resource.



  • $9.99 for universal app


  • Drawings are clear and detailed
  • Good range of anatomy covered
  • Universal App

Dislikes/Future updates:

  • Would be helpful for some images to have colour to highlight key anatomical points
  • Inability to swipe between pages using touch gestures

Overall Rating:

  • Anatomy i-Pocket fulfills its role as a flash card based anatomy refresher app
  • The clear diagrams and simple user interface allow relevant anatomy to be accessed rapidly whilst the level is suitable from medical student to practicing physician (not surgical)
  • The reasonable price of $9.99 will appeal to many who want a basic anatomy application for the iPad.

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