The Blackberry Playbook has been much maligned in the news as of late. Problems including no native email application and a barely populated app store have overshadowed many of the good features of the tablet device.

Our readers might remember that when Blackberry announced the playbook, the first app they showed was a medical one, a DICOM radiology viewer.

One of our senior staff writers even did an in-depth review over the usefulness of the tablet from a physician perspective and came to the conclusion that it would have been groundbreaking a year ago, but compared to today’s competition, is mediocre at best.

That may change, however, thanks to an announcement by RIM introducing the new Citrix receiver for the Blackberry Playbook. Security is paramount in the healthcare industry and many clinicians access hospital EMR’s through Citrix servers.  With this new app for the Blackberry Playbook, physicians should be able to access their hospital’s electronic medical record in a mobile fashion. 

“With the Citrix Receiver, users can access virtual desktops on servers running Microsoft Windows, as well as an organization’s enterprise apps, enabling standalone app  virtualization. This is huge for industries such as healthcare that rely on Citrix virtualized systems.”

That isn’t the only thing that the new Citrix receiver can do. Additional features of the app include:

“Multitasking – similar to the PlayBook’s multi-tab browsing experience, the Citrix Receiver allows for multitasking between virtualized apps and desktops, and between multiple desktops themselves – all on the tablet’s seven-inch screen
Single “Sign On” Access – one single sign-on access point provides full access to virtual apps and desktops
IT Controlled Built-in Enterprise App Hosting – IT managers can give self-service access to enterprise apps, much like you select apps from BlackBerry App World.
Security – the unique FIPS-certified Blackberry PlayBook tablet security protocols protect your data when using the Citrix Receiver
Peripheral Integration in High Definition – by pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you’ll gain full access to your remote desktop and apps on the PlayBook’s brilliant HD screen”

The responsiveness of the app on the Blackberry Playbook remains to be seen.

Source: BlackberryCool

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