Recently, FutureNet announced the availability of their free Fnet Recorder digital dictation iPhone app. The Fnet Recorder app enables any iPhone user to digitally record audio files through the microphone of the iPhone — bypassing hand held devices that can be expensive.

Those files are then automatically compressed, encrypted and subsequently uploaded into the secure FutureNet cloud server, which can be accessed via any internet enabled computer or smart phone.

“Our users have had free smart phone access to search for, review and electronically sign medical reports for some time,” stated FutureNet COO, Wayne Wu, PhD. “With the new Fnet Recorder app, we now also substantially increase the providers dictating convenience over traditional hand-held devices by adding the ability to directly link with real-time patient scheduling and ADT data. These free front-end applications help us further extend the value proposition we offer our technology and transcription service clients, especially given that all the other healthcare vendors with similar applications charge set-up fees and per-user monthly fees for subsets of what we will now provide to our clients at no cost.”

This app was made to be used in conjunction with their medical dictation and transcription product lines and is a cloud-based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that eliminates the need for traditional digital hand-held recording devices.  This can result in huge savings for hospitals and small physician practices since dictation devices can sell for nearly five hundred dollars apiece.

“Advantages of the Fnet Recorder app over traditional hand-held digital recorders include improved workflow efficiency through auto-transfer of the voice files at the conclusion of each job (versus needing to dock the hand-helds after a series of jobs), reduced workflow errors by being able to select specific patients off the physician’s schedule displayed directly on the providers phone (versus dictating all the patient data in hope that the transcriptionist will be able to identify the proper patient visit), and faster turn-around times for STAT jobs with the ability to mark individual jobs for priority processing.”

While FutureNet isn’t the first company to offer this functionality, it’s foray into the app world shows the continued transition of traditional physician services to mobile form.

Source: NewswireToday