At the recent Verizion Developers Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Verizon unveiled a new HD video conferencing tool for businesses, with a focus on healthcare.  The tool can be used with smartphones (iPad included) and comes complete with a new app called FuzeMeeting.

In the below embedded video, Verizon shows health care professionals using the app to share medical images on an iPad (The app was recently featured in an Apple iPad commercial).

FuzeMeeting allows you to collaborate with documents, video, and images face-to-face, all in an intuitive experience on any mobile device or desktop.  Verizon customers will need to have a separate FuzeMeeting account.

Pricing plans vary from $9.99 a month for basic storage space and audio conferencing only, to the $100 a month premium account.  This account has many perks including the ability to host webinars, unlimited storage space and unlimited space for recording meetings. Curiously, the premium account is the only one that offers the teleconferencing functionality.


FuzeMeeting is now being offered through the Business Solutions Alliance Program on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

“In the last few years, telepresence and video conferencing have advanced to the next echelon, and, with 4G, we are moving business capabilities to the next level,” Michael Toto, Verizon’s director of Enterprise and Government Partnerships, said in a statement.”

The implications for the healthcare industry as a potential burgeoning marketplace are huge.

“Toto added that mobile video collaboration is becoming mainstream for diagnostics and analysis, and Verizon expects the healthcare industry — think experts collaborating over video, or doctors consulting remotely with patients — to be a major adopter, along with education, finance and creative fields. Verizon expects Fuze Meeting to complement existing conferencing solutions, extending video conferencing capabilities beyond board rooms, to any worker with a smartphone.”

Source: MarketWatch

iTunes Link: Fuze Meeting HD