FieldSaver recently announced the release of its new Android app (FieldSaver 3.0). This app gives paramedics and other first responders a mobile interface that allows them to successfully gather and electronically share necessary emergency medical services (EMS) documentation with hospitals, public safety, public health and other first responder agencies such as the Fire and Police Department.

Previous versions of the software could be found on the Windows Mobile operating system, but because of changing demographics and the popularity of Android, FieldSaver decided to develop a native app.

“Our customers were facing fewer and fewer device options as cellular providers dropped Windows-based devices,” explains president and chief operating officer Dr. Drew Hood, MD. “This decision was impactful from various perspectives in that it required us to consider the loss of capital investment in the labor design of the new version of FieldSaver using the Windows Mobile OS and the risk of development in the new Android operating system that we were unfamiliar with.”

Fieldsaver 3.0 includes an interface that displays and supports CAD and Firstwatch as well as existing billing services. Fleets of ambulances no longer need to base to sync reports — according to the website. Another feature includes the ability to do automatic printing to remote locations. The app also adheres to the latest NEMSIS dataset and is further seeking NEMSIS Gold Compliance.

Because the mobile phone networks all support 3G or higher, carriers are able to offer various data packages that suit a wide range of needs.

“The “Always-On” data connection allows Paramedics to electronically fax patient reports and data directly from the FieldSaver app using the handheld device to the hospital’s emergency room network printer during transport prior to patient drop-off.”

Time will tell whether the choice to move to Android will be beneficial to end users.

“With the initial rollout currently underway, FieldSaver’s customers immediately reported high satisfaction with having an Android version of the FieldSaver application. The application design, with new version improvements using Android OS devices, is continually generating praise and satisfaction. Existing customers have had nearly 10 years of experience and use of FieldSaver in the field.”

Source: Business Wire.