Medical emergencies can strike at any time. It is therefore important for those working in primary care to be able to identify and manage any life threatening conditions appropriately.

The Oxford Handbook of Emergencies in Primary Care has been written for just this purpose. Designed for general practitioners, this medical app is a brief guide to good practice for anyone managing primary care emergencies in the community.

Emergencies in Primary Care (OEIPC) covers a wide range of systems and their associated emergencies. Please see the screenshots for a complete list of the subject areas covered.




Within each section, common emergencies encountered in primary care are displayed, complete with little icons showing its level of seriousness. For each individual emergency, a brief description is given along with presentation, examination, investigations, action and a number of possible causes. This allows doctors to evaluate the seriousness of the case including possible causes.


There are numerous illustrations and tables to help diagnose and differentiate a number of cases. The information provided is not always referenced, however, its original incarnation as an Oxford Handbook suggests that it is reliable. This universal app contains a number of features that have made the electronic version more desirable than the paper counterpart including a search function, the ability to bookmark a page for later reading and a history function.


A welcome inclusion is a number of treatment algorithms (see screenshot) which aid decision making. The management for each potential emergency is well covered and includes references to medication and dosages. The content is brief and only covers how to respond to and deal with an emergency.

The actions described are step-like in nature and the app is clearly designed to be used on the go to manage a potentially life threatening situation. There is very little information related to the physiology behind the emergency or why the action being taken solves the problem. This app is ideal for any healthcare professional working in primary care and would certainly make interesting reading for those working in Emergency Rooms. The range of emergencies covered is good however it is not conclusive. OEIPC comes in as an expensive purchase ($41.99) which may be enough to deter some people.


  • $41.99


  • Treatment algorithms for a number of diseases
  • Details of clinical management for each emergency


  • Range of emergencies covered is small
  • Expensive for many potential users

Overall Rating:

  • Oxford Handbook of Emergencies in Primary Care is a useful handbook containing high levels of detail for those who are likely to encounter primary care emergencies such as GPs
  • However its spectrum of emergencies is limited and many will find that its high cost may deter some readers.

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