The doctor’s office may never be the same, thanks to Tom Lee, co-founder of Epocrates and founder of One Medical, a venture backed primary care medical practice.  One Medical incorporates modern conveniences and technology into patient care resulting in a streamlined experience.

Before even stepping foot in the doctor’s office, patients can schedule same day appointments online, browse the One Medical blog to find everything from healthy food recipes to strength training tips, and even digitially receive lab results.

Thats not all, via One Medical’s mobile application, patients are able to communicate directly with their doctor, schedule appointments, renew prescriptions, and even access their personal health records.

New patients can join online, and pay online.  It even has its own iPhone app for scheduling appointments.  Simple questions which can be addressed via email or the iPhone app are done digitally instead of requiring an in-person visit.  And when patients do go in, the offices are bright, airy and modern.

The layout of the One Medical website is also designed with the patient in mind.  Easy to navigate and logically placed categories are coupled with a pleasant color scheme. Clicking on the “My One” link at the top of the website brings up access to core patient functions including scheduling appointments, prescription renewals, and of course, access to the Personal Health Record.

The point of all this modern convenience is not to just impress the patient, but to also reduce costs.

” All of this technology, which is a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary systems, is aimed at reducing administrative costs, and improving the experience for both doctors and patients.  Lee contrasts his approach to the physician practice management movement of the 1990s, an investment fad which saw hundreds of doctor’s offices rolled up into larger operating companies.  ‘The PPM movement in the 90s didn’t fundamentally reengineer the workflow of the doctor’s office or improve the experience,’ says Lee.  PPMs were driven by administrators.  One  Medical is driven by doctors.  Its approach is to ‘reengineer the doctor’s office to be more patient-centered with less administrative overhead.’ ”

Locations are few and spread out, with 5 in San Francisco and 4 in New York.  Recently, an additional $20 million in series E venture financing was added to One Medical’s total capital bringing the amount raised since 2007 to $46.5 million.  This money will be used in part to create offices in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., which are the next areas of expansion.

Source: TechCrunch