The CURRENT series, published by Lange, offers healthcare professionals advanced information related to the diagnosis and management of a wide range of conditions. We’ve reviewed a number of them, including Essentials of Medicine and Medical Diagnosis & Treatment.

The tenth edition of CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Obstetrics & Gynecology has been one of the core texts for those interested in womens’ health care, reproductive medicine, and pelvic surgery for a number of years. Here we review it in its mobile incarnation.

This handbook has recently been ported to iOS by MedHand Mobile Libraries in collaboration with McGraw-Hill. According to iTunes:

“This well-known entry in the renowned CURRENT series delivers the very latest clinically relevant information on womens’ health care and reproductive medicine and surgery in a portable, find-it-now format”

CURRENT Diagnosis and Treatment Obstetrics & Gynecology (CDTOG) covers over 1,000 diseases and is thoroughly illustrated with over 450 informative drawings and clinical photos.


Navigation through this universal app is easy and the inbuilt search/bookmarking function helps users find relevant information quickly. The history feature helps find articles recently accessed.
The content in the app is split into chapters which cover the basics of reproduction and normal obstetrics. This is covered in an extremely high level of detail suitable for those up to and including resident level.

The liberal use of illustrations helps improve understanding and recognition of key anatomical features. Each chapter is well referenced directing readers to original sources for more information. The information is concise and clinically focused to remain relevant to healthcare professionals in OB/GYN.


The next major section covered is Pregnancy Risk which is further broken down into 19 sections encompassing a vast range of potential complications. Each of these sections contains a number of subsections which contain a high level of detail appropriate to quickly diagnose and treat any complications. The section layout ensures that information is found quickly whilst on the job.


The next major chapter is Gynecology covering normal and abnormal gynecology along with an informative section on gynecologic oncology. Each of these is covered in extraordinary depth and certainly suitable for those working/interested in knowing more about womens’ health care and reproductive medicine. One useful feature for physicians is information related to the underlying pathophysiology and how it can impact diagnosis and treatment. This improved understanding can be used to develop diagnostic and treatment skills.


A number of key procedures relevant to OB/GYN and pelvic surgery are also covered. These operations are commonly performed in the US and indications, contraindications, technique and complications are discussed for each procedure. Whilst this section is not expansive, it does offer a useful insight and overview.


The app is completed with an interesting overview on contemporary issues such as psychological aspects of OB/GYN, Domestic Violence, The Breast and The Borderland between Law and Medicine.

It is difficult to identify any major drawbacks to this app. Possible improvements include the addition of an index combined with hyperlinking between major relevant topics. This would further enhance navigation throughout the app and ensure clinically useful information could be found even quicker. At $74.99, CDTOG is not cheap – however it is a highly comprehensive resource and that may be enough to persuade some users to purchase it.


  • $74.99


  • Extensive detail encompassing the complete field of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Straightforward to find relevant articles which are complete yet concise
  • Evidence based treatment information including basic pathophysiology where appropriate


  • Lack of hyperlinking and index function
  • Expensive

Overall Rating:

  • Overall this is a thorough app with a comprehensive full overview of the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • The evidence based treatment information including basic pathophysiology is very useful and the clinical points are useful to healthcare professionals of any level.
  • It is expensive, although it may be worth it for those regularly involved or interested in OB/GYN. Many users, particularly users, will find this out of their price range.

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