Pocket cards or flash cards are one of the staple revision resources for any medical student or trainee at any level. Borm Bruckmeier Publishing LLC have made a decent name for themselves within the application ecosystem, having released over 31 i-Pocket apps focusing on a wide range of subjects. These electronic pocket cards are ideal for quickly recapping key clinical concepts whilst out on the wards.

Now we take a look at Anesthesiology i-Pocket to see if it can continue the standards previously set by apps such as ECG i-Pocket, Diabetes Mellitus i-Pocket, Differential Diagnosis i-Pocket, and Contraception i-Pocket.


Anesthesiology i-Pocket is available as a universal app and contains a number of key anesthetic concepts. Opening the application presents the user with options to view a table of contents or the more traditional ‘classic view’.


The table of contents covers a wide range of topics ranging from important calculations to anatomical locations for peripheral nerve blocks covering a multitude of subjects in between. One feature that was particularly useful was the important calculations section which displayed a number of essential formulae with the option for the app to calculate the results itself (see screenshot).


Whilst this is nowhere near as functional as a dedicated medical calculator (see our selection here), it was still a useful feature, helping to save time. Another useful feature is the pediatric drug dosages in anesthesia although there is no evidence of their validity.


The ‘Classic view’ is a more traditional flash card format which condenses all the content of the app into six slides which can be manipulated using standard pinch-to-zoom and swipe gestures. The content is identical between the two views with the difference being the formatting. The lack of a search function can be frustrating at times, especially when trying to find a specific piece of information. There are often small discussions within the sub-topics, along with charts and tables and occasional references.


The level of detail within this application is suitable for medical students on anesthetic rotations and juniors; however, it should be noted that it is certainly designed as a reference guide rather than a detailed anesthetic handbook. Whilst the level is suitable for students, it is probably not detailed enough for those healthcare professionals who specialize in anesthetics.



  • $3.99


  • Universal app for iOS


  • Important calculations section can automatically calculate the results
  • Easy to navigate using a combination of ToC view and Classic view
  • Universal App


  • Lack of search function
  • Lack of depth of knowledge to be useful for anything other than a refresher

Overall Rating:

  • Anesthesiology i-Pocket is ideal for students and nurses who are refreshing the basics of anesthetics
  • However the concise nature and lack of depth mean that this application is not suitable for those specializing in the subject.

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