USC’s Center for Body Computing, along with sponsors AgaMatrix and Zephyr Technology, is hosting a $5,000 “best mobile health game” contest called the Body Slam Competition.

Judging guidelines for the contest include:

  • (1) originality
  • (2) aesthetics of the user interface
  • (3) entertaining gameplay
  • (4) how the game creates meaning and change in how the player thinks, feels, or behaves with regard to their health

Entries are due before September 11th and should be submitted to The top 5-10 game apps will be announced on September 14th and finalists will present their apps at the Slam competition at USC on the evening of September 22nd.

While $5,000 never hurt anyone, more importantly these type of contests are a great way to build brand recognition and earn street credibility with consumers searching your company on Google before purchasing your device. It certainly pays to have a first page of Google search results for your company with nothing but news about your company’s strong showing,  strong reviews, and well placed social media featuring your product.

Contests also tend to draw many of the mHealth industry’s top startups and leading innovators into the arena together for a sort of micro-battle of the best and brightest in the business. The Data Design Diabetes Challenge sponsored by Sanofi-Aventis is one example of a similar contest.

The Body Slam competition comes on the eve of the USC Body Computing Conference 5.0, which begins September 23, 2011. To register for the event visit the Body Computing website.