There is a rapidly growing market for the conversion of reference handbooks into applications. MedHand Mobile Libraries has exclusive rights to the Oxford University Press Handbooks.

These are a common sight out on the wards and in libraries. Based on the Oxford Handbook of the same name, Emergencies in Clinical Surgery is one of the latest to receive the MedHand treatment.

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iTunes notes that the main features are:

  • A concise guide to the practical management of surgical emergencies
  • Covers emergency situations encountered before and after surgery
  • Material is grouped by presentation with cross referencing to more detailed disease specific information
  • Features icons and algorithms to help the reader gauge the severity of the situation
  • An ideal companion for Foundation Programme surgical rotations and for those based in emergency departments

Navigation throughout the universal application is straightforward and assisted by hyperlinking, bookmarks, a history function and a searchable index. This application is primarily split into three sections:

  • part one predominantly deals with preparing the patient for surgery
  • part two covers assessment and management of trauma emergencies (although not in as much detail as Emergent Management of Trauma which we reviewed here.
  • part three covers in-depth detailed disease-based emergency surgery considerations.


Additionally, there is a fourth section which has a detailed explanation of a number of emergency surgical procedures including information such as clinical indications, contraindications, preparation, procedure, complications and post-procedure care.


The main focus is on the precise indicators for a large number of events and conditions that lead to a surgical emergency. The content within the application is very detailed and at a level suitable for Foundation Year doctors, surgical interns and residents, and other healthcare professionals looking for a greater understanding of common emergency surgical problems. There is a strong clinical focus within the application with a concise explanation explaining the reasoning for each bullet point.


Major sections covered include clinical features, investigations, and management. Important indicators within each section are highlighted in a red box and also with exclamation marks. Each section is small enough so that it can be covered in a short period of time, thus allowing users to understand important relevant points quickly and efficiently. The concise nature of this application entails that it is simple to use whilst on the wards without wasting time searching for clinically relevant information.

It is pertinent to note that this application does not contain information with regard to elective surgery and potential emergencies arising from these surgeries. Consequently, this entails that this application has more practical function as a companion reference on surgical emergencies and cannot be used to replace a general surgical textbook.


  • Comprehensive range of detail at a suitably advanced level
  • Strong clinical focus ideal for use on a day to day basis whilst enhancing learning


  • Doesn’t cover elective surgery emergencies

Overall Rating

  • This application contains a wealth of information related to emergencies in clinical surgery and would make a useful addition for any healthcare professional interested in surgical emergencies.
  • Despite the omission of elective surgeries, this application is still well worth a look as a comprehensive reference handbook for surgical emergencies.

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