Fujifilm Synapase Mobility is now available in the U.S., and not just on the iPhone, but for the Android and iPad as well.  Fujifilm makes a variety of medical images devices, from ultrasound devices to computed radiology devices (x-rays).

If you use their backend server (Synapse PACS and Synapse RIS), you can now view your images on your mobile devices. Whats really interesting about their mobile suite is that it’s browser independent, scalable, and doesn’t just display static images.

Currently the system isn’t FDA approved, but with the amount of business Fujifilm already has in the medical ecosystem, one would think this would happen sooner than later.

..It provides advanced viewing capabilities for physicians to view 3D images as well as to be able to zoom, window and level, and use MIP/MPR just as they would do at a clinical workstation. Synapse® Mobility is for non-diagnostic use only..

..Synapse® Mobility displays high quality, interactive 3D images – not just static, Flash® files – in any platform that it’s accessed. The new application provides radiologists and referring physicians with on-the-go access to the images and information stored in Synapse® PACS and Synapse® RIS using the Web browser of their choice, increasing accessibility to patient information and improving workflow.

Source: Press Release

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