The last time iMedicalApps reviewed a range of ECG apps we decided Instant ECG by iAnesthesia was the best. Read our original review here. Two years on, the important question is whether Instant ECG is still a market leader.

iTunes lists Instant ECG’s prominent features as:

  • Comprehensive ECG app
  • Movies of the most common arrhythmias and rhythms
  • High Resolution 12-lead ECG examples
  • 140 Exam Questions to test knowledge and interpretation
  • Learn & Review the Fundamentals of ECG’s

Opening Instant ECG, the user is presented with ECG Basics – a short text designed to improve the user’s understanding of ECGs. The content is organized into sections and subsections which cover a comprehensive, yet concise range of material. There is an emphasis on cardiac physiology which significantly helps improve understanding and learning.


The user interface is a straightforward menu system which is simple to use. Menus are clearly laid out and information is readily accessible and appropriately illustrated with tables and images from Netter

One of the most useful features of Instant ECG is the ‘Exam’ section.


In this section, users are tested on a wide range of material, which examines the user’s knowledge of essential ECG content, whilst the application tracks the user’s score. The essential content covers extensive ground, ranging from understanding ECG Basics to identifying particular rhythms from a 12 lead ECG. These self test exams significantly improve understanding, thus allowing users to comprehend and respond to more difficult scenarios in a clinical environment.

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Another notable strength of Instant ECG is the sample rhythm section. There are thirty different rhythms which highlight different ECG abnormalities presented on a 12-lead ECG. Furthermore, there is a sample movie for each trace that displays a typical presentation. Swiping left in the lower box presents the user with additional ECG traces that highlight the abnormality. Pinch & zoom allows detailed examination of the particular ECG trace.


However, the level of detail in this application is not always as comprehensive as some of its competitors, such as ECG Notes (Review can be found here.) The lack of a search function in the ‘ECG Basics’ section is most noticeable when trying to find features on a specific rhythm whilst out on the wards. Yet in spite of these disadvantages, Instant ECG remains an extensive reference guide.


  • Wide range of ECG abnormalities covered with additional movies and ECG traces
  • Exam section tests a wide range of material to a significant depth thus consolidating learning.
  • Sample ECGs are presented in 12 lead ECG form which realistically represents clinical findings
  • Reference section is easily accessible and contains all essential information in a concise manner.


  • The lack of a search function within the reference section entails that finding specific information can be complex.


  • Currently on sale at $0.99

Overall Rating:

  • This is an all-encompassing application that will certainly further develop the ECG skills of every user.
  • Overall, Instant ECG combines a number of highly desirable functions such as ECG interpretation, ECG rhythms and a range of exams into an attractive application.
  • Therefore it is one of the best, if not the best, ECG application currently in the app store and highly recommended.

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