Great blog piece in Forbes by Tom Gillis — VP of Cisco’s Security Technology Business Unit — on how hospital Chief Security Officers (CSOs) are having issues with managing physician use of mobile devices at work.  He had dinner with the CSOs of five major healthcare providers, who stated their biggest headache is how Doctors love their iPads and want to use them for work.

Gillis is in the business of enterprise security, and he gives an insider’s perspective on mobile device use in the hospital setting.  He writes about the fundamental shift in how physicians are consuming content.  Before the proliferation of mobile devices, hospitals had complete control of managing the “endpoint” — how the content was consumed.  This is no longer the case, and since these personal devices have created a new paradigm, IT teams are left playing catchup.

It was refreshing to hear Gillis talk about how the solution isn’t necessarily banning these devices or tainting their overall experience for physicians, rather, he talks about embracing the new paradigm — and most importantly, mentions maintaing a happy end user community — physicians.  For those of us in medicine who have seen how cumbersome IT can be in various hospital settings, this is a refreshing perspective:

……Enabling the experience we are addicted to is the key to ensuring a happy end-user community. (And we really don’t want anyone unhappy-most especially doctors.)

The best approach is one that allows the ability to segment business and personal data and applies the appropriate security policy to each. Enforcement happens in the cloud, while the endpoint keeps a separation between business and personal data, and makes sure that every transfer of business data passes through a scanning element somewhere in the network. It allows the devices to be used with their always-changing native apps and it simultaneously maintains even better security than we currently have with the fixed “corporate image” on the endpoint. This model is the future of enterprise computing

Source: Forbes