The Endogo HD, created by Envisionier Medical Technology, is a portable imaging device (similar to an expensive video camera) that gives clinicians the freedom to share information with patients instantly. With its removable LCD screen, images can be recorded at the point of care.

Once they are captured, the images are instantaneously stored on the device and can even be incorporated into the hospital’s EMR for further storage and collaboration with colleagues. After the patient’s procedure, conversations with the patient and their respective families can happen in a calm manner due to the device’s transportability.

“With high-definition video and still-image capture capabilities in a compact, portable setup, Endogo HD allows a physician to share and review exam findings with the patient or family immediately following the exam, at the patient’s bedside or in a waiting room. A resident can also share captures with the attending physician, which may reduce the need for repeat procedures. With the Endogo HD, OR imaging capabilities can now be available throughout the facility, wherever a procedure is performed. The combination of data acquisition, storage, management and the synchronization of patient folders in an easy-to-use Web application makes it possible to send an image or video over a secured connection to a referring doctor outside the facility.”

As can be seen, the storing and sharing capabilities of the Endogo HD make it a welcome addition to a hospital’s commitment to patient care. eGoWorks is the online data storage and collaborative software that is natively compatible with the Endogo HD. It incorporates the recorded data within an existing hospital’s EMR system– another benefit of the device.

“We are excited about endogo HD because it truly underscores Cook’s commitment to physicians and their patients,” said Jean-Marc Creissel, global leader of Cook’s Urology business unit. “The technology simplifies the process of storing and sharing medical images. The benefits around care, ease of use and potential cost savings are significant because this technology streamlines how physicians interact with each other, their patients and external facilities.”

Source: Cook Medical