Emergent Management of Trauma, 3rd Edition is the latest in a long line of apps released by MedHand Mobile Libraries which are based on well known reference handbooks. Emergent Management of Trauma (EMT) is a comprehensive guide to trauma evaluation and management covering a wide scope of injuries likely to be seen by an emergency department physician.

This universal application is split into six key sections (see screenshot below)

iTunes describes these sections as:

  • Resuscitation Concepts: covers prehospital issues, hospital organization, patient evaluation, and “ABC” interventions
  • Anatomic Areas of Injury: includes important management algorithms and covers major traumatic injuries literally from top to bottom
  • Extremity Trauma: oriented from hand to shoulder and then from hip to foot
  • Special Groups: focuses on trauma in children, pregnancy, and the elderly
  • Environmental Issues: covers temperature extremes as well as weapons of mass destruction
  • Useful Resources: offers procedure instructions, radiograph interpretation pearls, and a pertinent drug formulary

The application is well laid out: finding information is straightforward due to the flowchart content structure. Selecting a primary section leads to a short list of choices which quickly navigate to the desired page. This reduces search times considerably. The application is complemented by the history function, ability to bookmark favorite articles for later viewing and the capability to search the application for either terms or tables.


The content of this application is detailed, concise and an ideal introduction to the management of trauma for healthcare professionals at all levels ranging from attending physician to medical students and EMTs. A helpful feature of the application is the inclusion of a number of clinical flow charts. These can be used whilst in the ER in order to assist in the decision management of complicated injuries. The application can be used in a diagnostic fashion because for each injury there is often a detailed radiographic explanation (see screenshot).


The ample use of explanatory diagrams, tables and algorithms also assist learning. The application could be used by trauma practitioners as a reference guide or as a comprehensive introduction to trauma management. The inclusion of treatment options is useful to quickly check and recap whilst out on the wards.


Unfortunately, at $59.99, this application may well have priced itself out of the market for many potential users. Despite costing the same as the physical handbook, the high price is likely to put off many potential buyers who are looking for a trauma handbook.


  • $59.99


  • Detailed yet concise summaries of a wide range of trauma injuries
  • Clinical algorithms to assist in decision making
  • Biography


  • Expensive for a relatively niche area of medicine

Overall Rating

  • Emergent Management of Trauma is a fine introduction to the trauma environment and this app ensures that this is accessible to all levels of healthcare professional; from student to nurse to attending.

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