Nuance Communications, creator of the popular Dragon Medical speech recognition software, has just revealed a new edition to its software lineup.  Dubbed Dragon Medical Practice Edition, this version of the software is geared toward small practices with less than 24 physicians, as opposed to the enterprise edition that is useful in hospitals and practices with more than 24 physicians.

The software, for those not in the know, allows clinicians to fully record and capture patient information by simply speaking.  This recently released version of the software still retains the same features of its precursor, while adding improved accuracy and improved input functionality that enables the voice dictation software to run within existing electronic health records easier.

“Like its predecessors, Dragon Medical Practice Edition will help clinicians and healthcare organizations to create medical notes directly into any EHR in real-time. With real-time, voice-driven clinical documentation clinicians are empowered to capture a more thorough patient story without sacrificing time. Dragon Medical Practice Edition yields a 15 percent improvement in accuracy over previous Dragon Medical releases and contains additional features that will be especially beneficial to physicians in small practices, which make up an estimated 40 percent of the total U.S. physician population.”

Additionally, new features to the practice edition have been added that make recording patient data into existing EHR’s faster than ever before.  These additions help to streamline the process of recording a patient’s history.

•Smart Configuration – Improved recognition performance on everything from netbooks to high-powered servers through state-of-the-art technology which optimizes the software’s configuration. This capability takes full advantage of advances in hardware and runs in multiple-threads automatically when multi-core hardware is detected. This provides better recognition performance and translates into faster dictation and improved turnaround time on patient documentation.

•Recognition Analytics – Dragon Medical Practice Edition now automatically detects poor audio input caused by incorrect microphone connection or placement, background noise, and when the microphone is out of range or low on battery. When any of these issues are detected, Dragon will alert the user and offer advice to remedy. By alerting the user, Dragon Medical reduces the number of misrecognitions and improves the accuracy of the dictations.”

Source: Yahoo Finance