With the recent hurricane affecting the lives of numerous people on the East Coast, we are reminded of the plethora of apps that position themselves as being useful during these disaster type scenarios. You might remember the Pocket First Aid app we reviewed last year — the one that helped save a mans life in Haiti.

While different situations are going to call for different actions,  the App Store and Android Market are full of apps that can be used in an emergency situation.

The question then becomes how to sift through all the various apps and decide which ones are worth using and which ones should be tossed away.  TechNewsDaily provided a solid list of some apps that might be useful.  

In an emergency situation, first-aid treatment is vital for those who need it and numerous apps are avaible to for this:

“Popular first aid apps for Android users include First Aid (free), Pocket First Aid and CPR ($2.99) and Emergency First Aid Guide ($0.99). For iPhone and iPad users, try American Medical Aid ($2.99), Pocket First Aid and CPR ($3.99) and First Aid Guide ($1.99).”

Additionally, a good plan is just as critical to keeping yourself safe and healthy as being able to treat wounds.

“For Android users, check out Disaster Readiness ($0.99), Disaster Survival Guide ($1.36), Survival Preparedness ($0.99), Emergency Kit Organizer (free) and Are You Ready? (free), an app from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. iPhone and iPad users should try Emergency Supply List ($0.99), Disaster Survival ($0.99) and Disaster Alert (free).”

Disasters are unforseen events that have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. While nobody wants to experience them, there is some, albeit small, comfort in knowing that there are apps availabe to assist during these events. There is even an app to convert text into morse code which may come in handy–you never know. We will do our own review of useful apps in disaster scenarios in the future.

Source:  TechNews Daily