ClearPractice, makers of the popular iPad electronic health record Nimble — that we reviewed — have now launched Eden Practice. And for all those physicians who are Apple lovers, they are going after you. Eden Practice is being marketed as a comprehensive medical office solution for the Apple Mac, iPad, and iPhone — all connected via the cloud.

The desktop version was made for Safari, and runs four times faster on Safari than accessing the desktop EMR on a Windows computer with Internet Explorer.

Eden Practice will launch in September, and it will have native apps made specifically for the iPhone and iPad
(Nimble is the EMR app for the iPad that is part of the Eden Practice suite that we reviewed). Unfortunately, their iPhone app, aptly called “Fetch”, will be limited to fetching.

As with other iPad EMRs, such as Dr. Chrono, there still isn’t a good EMR solution for inputting patient data and encounters into an iPhone. I understand the 3.5 inch display isn’t conducive to storing a great deal of text, but I’m surprised that EMR developers continue to neglect that physicians would want to dictate and create patient notes on their iPhone.

Nonetheless, the Eden suite looks very exciting. We have a beta copy of Eden and we’ll be publishing a review soon.

For more information on the electronic health record, check out the ClearPractice Eden website.