Founded in 1935, the well-respected American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) prides itself as “the global leader” in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.  In keeping with their mission, ACCP publishes SEEK, or Self-Education and Evaluation of Knowledge, to help physicians prepare for these specialty board exams.

ACCP’S SEEK is for pulmonary board exam preparation, in many ways, what ACP’s MKSAP is for medicine board exam preparation—the foundation of appropriate preparation.

SEEK centers on case-based questions that teach diagnosis and management.  Of interest, the ACCP has joined forces with Amphetamobile (AMMO), the developer of EatingWell, iOrtho, and Quoted, to create the ACCP-SEEK App for the iPhone and iPad.

Read below the jump to learn about the ACCP-SEEK App, which brings SEEK to your mobile device for on-the-go use when preparing for pulmonary boards.


The ACCP-SEEK App opens with links to the three categories—pulmonary medicine (200 cases), critical care medicine (350 cases), and sleep medicine (200 cases).  The start screen also includes links to a 6-minute video demo of the app, information and credits, and a means for submitting feedback.  As the screenshot shows, the app includes 10 free cases for each category, for a total of 30 free cases.

Overall, ACCP-SEEK includes content from the latest five volumes of SEEK, published by the ACCP:

  • Pulmonary Medicine Volume 19 (200 questions, or 20 sets)
  • Critical Care Medicine Volume 18 (200 questions, or 20 sets)
  • Critical Care Medicine Volume 20 (150 questions, or 15 sets)
  • Sleep Medicine First Edition (100 questions, or 10 sets)
  • Sleep Medicine Second Edition (100 questions, or 10 sets)


3As shown here, each of the three categories is divided into sets of 10 questions each.


Alternatively, cases within each category can be viewed when grouped by keywords or topics.  Moreover, each of these views can be searched for a particular keyword or topic for quick recall of a particular question.




Here is a sample question, which includes a chest radiograph and a representative slice of a chest CT with contrast.  Each of these high-quality images can be zoomed, panned, and sized to fit the screen.  As expected, all cases feature multiple-choice answers.





At any time, abbreviations, laboratory reference values, or statistics (correct/incorrect/unanswered questions) can be quickly accessed via the “Info” button in the top-right corner of the app.



Answers feature thorough, well-written explanations with additional imaging, as well as linked references for further learning.




Clicking on a linked reference brings up the PubMed entry and accompanying abstract.



Moreover, users can add text notes or record audio notes for each question for further information storage and later recall, depending on how users learn best.  Cases can be starred as favorites, as well.



Whenever a question is selected that belongs to an unpurchased set, a pop-up for in-app purchase appears ($4.99 for each additional set of 10 questions).

The critical care medicine and sleep medicine cases share the same design and features as described above in the pulmonary medicine category, for a total of 750 available cases within the ACCP-SEEK app.

Finally, the cases can be reset by category, allowing for the re-use of the cases without prior answers present.

Though I am an internal medicine resident and not a pulmonary/critical care fellow, the ACCP-SEEK App was clearly well-designed with a smooth user interface and what appeared to be outstanding content.  ACCP-SEEK, as I confirmed with several pulmonary fellows that I work with, represents a premier and indispensable resource for pulmonary board preparation.


  • The initial ACCP-SEEK App purchase (with 30 questions) is free, with additional 10-question sets available for in-app purchase as shown above at $4.99 each (total of 750 cases).


  • Developed by the American College of Chest Physicians, the authority on pulmonary board preparation, which ensures oustanding question content
  • Ability to highlight, take notes, text or voice annotate, and flag favorite cases
  • Linked references for further reading and learning with each question
  • Abundant and high-quality imaging that can be zoomed and panned

Dislikes/Future Updates:

  • Price: The costs can stack up with each set of 10 questions!


  • For busy physicians preparing for the pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine board exams, the ACCP-SEEK App represents an outstanding resource to facilitate optimal preparation from the iPhone or iPad.

iTunes Link:

Devices: Formatted for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch