According to iTunes: “Award winning Pocket Body features a fully anatomically accurate human character with nine layers of musculoskeletal and neurovascular content…plus over 30,000 words of learning material.”

Pocket Body [Musculoskeletal] demonstrates the full range of capabilities of the iPad. This medical app has recently undergone a major update. It now includes information on nerves, arteries and veins as well as an improved lateral view.

Read after the break to see why it’s become one of our favorite anatomy apps.



The human character is superbly detailed and the ability to select different layers helps the user to understand the complex anatomy of the human body. Whilst many other anatomy applications provide information regarding the bones and muscles, Pocket Body additionally provides detailed information on the ligaments, tendons, bursae and their clinical implications.

The application allows the user to add their own pins to the body and edit notes of the pins. This ensures that the application is a very useful learning resource for anybody studying anatomy at any academic level. The useful search function allows users to easily find a particular pin; even pins added by the user can be found.

The application also contains three different ways of quizzing the user on their anatomical knowledge. The ‘Locate pins’ quiz asks the user to search and locate the named anatomical structure given to them. The ‘multiple choice’ quiz tests the user’s understanding of the 30,000 anatomical terms within the application. The ‘flash card’ quiz tests the user’s ability to understand and memorise the specific attributes of each labelled anatomical structure.
IMG 9The consistently high level of detail in this application is ideal for medical students and young clinicians who are looking for an anatomy refresher. Furthermore, the clear, visual nature of the application is suited to clinicians who would like to show patients the exact anatomy of a problem region.

This is a consistently excellent application with few major drawbacks. One minor drawback is that sometimes there can be too many pins in a particular region, which can obscure the image. Another minor drawback is the limited ability of the application to zoom in on a particular region. To illustrate this problem, the region shown in the screenshot below is at the maximum zoom.
IMG 10


  • Consistently high level of detail
  • Ease of use
  • The ability to add your own pins and additional clinical notes
  • Universal Application
  • Different types of quizzes


  • Sometimes there are too many pins in a particular region
  • Limited ability to zoom


  • $29.99

Overall Rating:

  • Despite these minor drawbacks, this is still a fantastic application to use and highly recommended.
  • Pocket Body combines all the information required to learn key musculoskeletal gross anatomy of the human body whilst presenting the information in a functional and accessible manner.

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