Teledoc is the largest telehealth provider in the US — and now is bringing their telemedicine services to mobile apps.  The service allows board certified primary care providers to use video conferencing and other e-tools in order to provide medical expertise to patients.

The company reports that half their physicians are already using their mobile phones for chat consultations with patients — with over 80,000 mobile driven consultations reported.

The company recently announced they will be launching an iPhone and Android app later this year designed specifically for video conferencing with patients.

While these are all great ways to utilize mobile technology, until these types of mobile consultations are actually reimbursed by insurance companies they won’t gain much traction.  Obviously, Teledoc has a business model that works for them, and it doesn’t relate to insurance providers.

Of note, Teledoc states their service is not meant for emergency care, but rather for routine and non-specialty medical advice.

Link: Teledoc