5. Micromedex


Any physician or physician trainee knows how much we rely on drug references in our daily practice, whether for medication choice, drug interactions, dosing adjustments in renal failure, or drug monitoring, and how important it is to have a drug reference (whether handbook or app) that can be trusted and easily used. Internal Medicine Residents, in particular, can attest to this sentiment, as we are Medicine residents—prescribing medicines is at the foundation of what we do. In our recent comparison of six different drug reference apps, we found the Micromedex drug reference impressively robust.

In particular, we especially valued the mechanism of action and clinical teaching sections present in this app. Moreover, Micromedex offers a terrific search function and a clean user interface with minimal clicks needed to find the information sought about a particular medication. Unfortunately, the primary drawback with Micromedex as a medication reference app lies in the absence of a strong drug interaction checker, for which we recommend the #1 app on our list. For other drug reference needs – medication dosing, side effects, mechanism of action, renal or hepatic adjustments – we recommend Micromedex as a powerful option for the busy Internal Medicine Resident.

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