We want to welcome our readers to the new and improved iMedicalApps. It’s been a longtime coming. We want to also thank our readership, without your support, comments and referrals we would not have seen the 8 fold increase in traffic in just this last year alone.

Due to this increase in traffic, and the distinct types of content we produce, we knew a new site was needed that would better serve our readers and better match our unique role in the medical ecosystem. As always, we depend on and value your input. Let us know what you like and what you think could be improved.

The first thing you will notice is a much more attractive and cleaner layout. Our new design will also better delineate the three types of content on iMedicalApps: reviews, news, and commentary. The design enables the reader to focus on all three types of content individually, or as a whole.

One essential component of the new design is an improved “Review” section. On the old site, it was very difficult to parse through our reviews — they were all lumped together in one big section. With the new site, this has been completely revamped. You can now search for app and product reviews by several criteria, including device (iPhone, Android, etc), “type” of medical app, or by medical speciality . Even better, you can combine one or more of these filters — pretty neat.

The new site will also bring more of a focus on app reviews. We have already reviewed/featured over 500 medical apps — in the coming year, we hope to significantly expand this number. We are currently in the process of hiring writers in the medical field (medical students, residents, physicians, etc) to help expand our review coverage — if you’re interested in applying, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The other important feature we have added is a registration page. Registration will enable our readers to get custom news and review content delivered to their inbox. For instance, if you are a cardiologist, and you want to be alerted of all the cardiology related apps released over the past month, we will send you a customized list on a monthly basis. If you are a student or resident, we can send you a monthly list of key educational apps on a monthly basis. To promote our registration page, we’ll be giving away some amazing gifts, including an iPad 2. We will provide the details of these product give aways in the coming week so make sure to register !

We’re not just stopping here. We’re building on a forum page where our highly informed readers can interact. We hope this will be a gathering place for users of mobile medical technology to share ideas, interact, and educate. We are also planning an app rating system for users.

We want to thank our current writing staff, in particular, one of our senior writers, Amit Patel, MD — who we call the beast, for his amazing writing ability, and for setting the standard that we hope all of our writers aspire too.

As I mentioned when I announced our site relaunch earlier this year — none of this would be possible without our two senior editors, and partners in the site — Felasfa Wodajo, MD and Satish Misra, MD. Without their contributions, there is no iMedicalApps. It’s impossible to run an operation like the one we have alone, but more importantly, it’s impossible to be successful without having partners who are so talented in multiple facets of medicine and technology. In particular, Satish and I are thankful for the mentorship and leadership Felasfa has provided to us. His experience in the mobile ecosystem is one of the reasons iMedicalApps has been able to flourish as quickly as it did.

All three of us want to make sure iMedicalApps continues to be made by medical professionals, for medical professionals. We are one of the few large medical resource sites that is completely run by medical professionals who are still practicing. Our goal is to be THE definitive resource for medical professionals to learn about mobile software and hardware. We feel the best is yet to come.

Many thanks,