By Brian Wells, MSM, MPH

“Aspects of Anatomy: Thorax and Upper Limb” is a new visual study guide for anatomy with the lessons given by Dr. Peter Abrahams, a professor of clinical anatomy at Warwick University and at St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada.

Dr. Abrahams has examined and lectured doctors worldwide and has won prior awards for classroom and electronic teaching of anatomy. His extensive experience, as well as a love for anatomy, truly shows through in this application.

Excerpt of App from iTunes:

Cutting edge film tutorials teaching on the “real human body” by one of the most acknowledged international experts in the field of clincial anatomy. Filmed at the West Midlands Surgical Training Centre on plastinated prosections the 38 short films (3-8 minutes each) are hands-on demonstrations by Prof. Peter Abrahams an expert teacher on integrating human anatomy with the world of medicine.

This application is geared towards those learning anatomy for the first time or for those who need a quick brush-up on their basic anatomy but do not have a lot of time to sit and read a textbook. Dr. Abrahams provides excellent study points and does a very good job of highlighting major structures of which clinicians should be aware.

In addition to teaching anatomy, there are brief videos that discuss radiologic anatomy and cross section. These videos include an introduction to radiology, 2D radiology such as one would see in an axial CT, 3D radiology and even real-time 4D radiology of the heart.

IntroductionAnatomy Video
Condition Video

Aside from only covering anatomy, this application also provides a few clinical condition/technique videos on breast cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, Colles’ fracture and coronary angiography. Finally, this app also provides quiz functionality over the various areas covered by the videos, such as the thoracic wall, the lungs, the lung bronchial tree, the thoracic cavity lung, the heart and others.



  • This app does an excellent job of reviewing major anatomical structures and integrating quiz-based learning with the lessons.
  • All the videos are available offline which makes for easy viewing anywhere.
  • While not as detailed as what can be found in full anatomical textbooks, Dr. Abrahams has carefully picked anatomic structures relevant to clinical anatomy.
  • The end user will find value in watching the videos and going through the quizzes for reinforcement.


  • It would be nice for the application to include more videos on radiologic anatomy and clinical conditions. However, given the number of videos, the quality of the video, the narration and quiz feature in the application, it would be hard to count this as a deal-breaking weakness.
  • The most glaring weakness of this app:  Its not customized for the iPad’s screen — where its utility would significantly increase.


  • Overall, this is an excellent application for learning anatomy. While it will not completely replace the Rohen Atlas or Netter’s Anatomy, it makes for a wonderful addition to one’s study materials.
  • The videos combined with the quiz feature in the application make learning anatomy easy and help reinforce the lessons covered.
  • At only $7.99, I would consider this app a bargain, especially compared to textbooks which I have spent $30 and $40 dollars on.
  • Dr. Abrahams’ skill as a teacher of clinical anatomy shows as his lessons are presented in a logical, easy to understand manner.
  • I highly recommend this application to students of clinical anatomy.

YouTube video of the application:

iTunes Link:

Price: $7.99

Disclaimer: Dr. Peter Abrahams is affiliated with St. George’s University School of Medicine. However, I have never met Dr. Abrahams nor have I ever attended one of his lectures. I have no financial interests in this application.