Apple recently created an entire website profiling how Medtronic’s device representatives utilize the iPad to market products to doctors.

The article includes a two minute video showcasing the various apps that Medtronic has developed in-house.

This site is featured on the front of (listed first under “Hot News Headlines”), and continues to demonstrate the recent trend of how passionately Apple is marketing the iPad as a viable product for the medical community.

More significantly, the webpage provides a real-life example of a medical company fully utilizing the enterprise capabilities of the iPad. Medtronic’s own in-house development team created over a dozen apps distributed on their own internal App Store. These apps range from creating versatile product demonstrations to sales apps that assist in placing and tracking orders. While Apple’s mainstream App Store has gained quite a lot of publicity, the ability for companies and hospitals to create their own in-house apps often flies under the radar.

The beauty of apps that are designed in-house is that they can be custom-tailored to your specific practice or patient population. Several hospitals (such as Cedars Sinai and Beth Israel Deaconess) have already been creating in-house apps, and we look forward to more hospitals and practices joining this movement and taking full advantage of the iPad or other mobile devices.

The site and video are definitely top-notch and are worth a visit.