By: David Ahn, MD and Iltifat Husain

Apple released a new installation of their iconic TV advertisements over the weekend with a new series for the iPad 2 entitled “We Believe.” Interestingly, the commercial places a surprisingly heavy emphasis on medical applications for the iPad. The spot features three apps that were not developed by Apple themselves, two of which are directly medical.

A shift in focus becomes immediately apparent when viewing the ad. Instead of the hip upbeat pop music, there’s a gentle piano melody playing in the background. Instead of showcasing the variety of apps like the original iPad TV ads (“iPad Is…”), they only focus on brief glimpses at several apps. The voiceover reads the following lines:

This is what we believe: technology alone is not enough. Faster, Thinner, Lighter… those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful… Even magical. That’s when you leap forward.

The first app shown in Air Strip Patient Monitoring — an FDA approved app that allows for real time vital sign monitoring.  We’ve featured this app on iMedicalApps before, and previously posted live demos that the AirStrip company has given us. The second app shown is the radiology viewing app Mobile MIM, the first FDA approved mobile radiology imaging app .

Apple prominently featuring medical apps in their latest commercial continues to show how iPads are being used for general medical use, which was earlier mentioned directly by Steve Jobs at the iPad 2 announcement.  The iPad 2 announcement featured medical uses of the iPad prominently, and with two out of the three “non-Apple” apps being medical ones in this commercial, Apple continues to highlight medicine’s mobile role. Continue on for the embedded video commercial.