Apple is now featuring the $99 iHealth blood pressure medical peripheral in their online store. The device is present on the home screen of Apple’s online store, and is currently picked as a “staff favorite”.  The iHealth blood pressure cuff was one of the most talked about products at CES — and we wrote an in depth piece explaining why the product was overhyped.

In our feature, we actually praised the device, and didn’t dismiss it’s potential — but we stated several reasons why we thought the blood pressure peripheral was overhyped.  We didn’t think they were transformative or revolutionary, as some in the media made them appear, and felt they were great for a niche group, but from a populations based approach — would not have a significant public health impact.

With that said, it’s great to see the iHealth peripheral being featured in the Apple online store.  Just being on the Apple website will give this medical peripheral a significant amount of exposure, and with Apple taking special note of this health peripheral, it could pave the way for other health peripherals that would have significant more utility (e.g. glucose monitors).

Although we don’t foresee people who are not compliant with checking their blood pressures all of a sudden becoming compliant because of this device, the iHealth medical peripheral does offer those who already check their blood pressures with standalone devices an innovative alternative to track their health.

Of note, there was also another iOS device blood pressure peripheral announced at CES by Withings — a rather aesthetically advanced one at that (above picture) — but currently Withings has not started selling the device.