Google’s Android Marketplace has rolled out an online version — enabling you to view all the medical apps available for Android phones using your web browse. Some of the other new features: App purchases using your web browser — if you purchase an app online it will be added to your phone automatically ; In-app purchases, a feature many developers were calling upon.

As we’ve chronicled before, Google recently added a medical category to it’s app store.  On a quick look of the Google Marketplace, it appears the medical category is plagued with the same incorrect categorization of medical apps that is prevalent in the Apple App Store.

Overall, the web version of the Android Market looks fantastic.  Its user interface clean, easy to browse through, you’re able to view screen shots of apps, as well as user reviews.  It’ll be interesting to see if Apple or Microsoft will take a cue from Google and eventually make the same transition for their respective app stores.

Continue on for screen shots of the medical category:

Link to the Android Market: