Move over Epocrates, Pepid, Skyscape, and LexiComp — the first big player to offer medical apps on Windows Phone 7 devices is Unbound Medicine.  Although not all of their medical apps have made their way to the brand new operating system platform, they have brought nine key medical apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace:

Nursing Central, 5-Minute Clinical Consult, Diagnosaurus, Nurses’ Handbook of Health Assessment, The Merck Manual, Family Drug Guide, Relief Central, Taber’s Medical Dictionary, and Davis’s Drug Guide [We have reviewed the iPhone versions of some of these apps].

Incidentally, the first app ever reviewed on iMedicalApps was the differential diagnosis app by Unbound Medicine – Diagnosaurus Ddx, still one of our favorite medical apps.

So far the other big players in the mobile medical ecosystem — Epocrates, Pepid, Skyscape, and LexiComp have not released any apps for the new Windows Phone 7 platform.  Unbound Medicine’s bold foray to be the first in the space should pay dividends due to the lack of medical reference apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Their entrance into the ecosystem should also reassure physicians thinking of purchasing Windows Phone 7 devices — drug reference apps will be available for point of care use. 

Just one week ago we did a post highlighting the lack of medical apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace.  We interviewed Evan Schoenberg, the physician developer of Med Mnemonics, a popular iPhone medical app that has been ported over to Windows Phone 7.

In our interview, Schoenberg had positive things to say about he Windows Phone 7’s (WP7) user interface and the innovation occurring with the overall operating system. Of note, app fragmentation — the inability to run the same version of an app on all phones, a problem that has plagued Android devices — is an issue Microsoft appears to have understood, and they are strictly controlling hardware specifications and OS releases so this isn’t an issue with WP7 devices.

Hopefully this is something they can stick by because Windows Phone 7’s streamlined user interface definitely has potential to make waves in the medical community.  But unfortunately, with Microsoft’s muddled mobile history, one can only hope they don’t drop the ball this time around.

The full list of medical apps released by Unbound Medicine for Windows Phone 7 devices can be found here: