3. Skyscape

This app makes our top ten list for two major reasons: First, until recently Skyscape has been the only high-quality all-in-one type app for Android. Many of the quality android medical apps we have reviewed, such as the Red Book and Netter’s Anatomy have worked within Skyscape’s universal app. Second, it’s available on all Android operating system versions.

By all-in-one, we essentially mean that Skyscape offers health care professionals and students access to a robust selection of medical calculators (Archimedes), periodically updated medical news alerts, select practice guidelines, access to paid textbooks (like Netter‘s), and solid drug reference (RxDrugs) and disease monographs (Outlines in Clinical Medicine).

Users of older Android operating systems who cannot access Medscape and Epocrates will find that Skyscape, which includes RxDrugs, is a fair replacement.

Most Useful For: Health Care Professionals and those with older Android phones that cannot access Epocrates or Medscape.