In last night’s State of the Union Speech by President Obama, he made multiple references to mobile technology.

It’s about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device; a student who can take classes with a digital textbook; or a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor.

We’ve written previously how Facetime and other types of telemedicine can be used to enhance the patient physician relationship.

In regards to the President’s comment on digital textbooks, there is a great deal of innovation taking place in the medical community.  This past year saw a fascinating adoption of mobile electronic based curriculums by whole medical schools – Stanford, University of California Irvine, and the University of Central Florida.  All stories we covered heavily.

With the continued advancements in mobile phone and operating system technology, and mobile medicine being on the President’s radar, the fusion of mobile technology and medicine should only continue to flourish.